ECHL Game Night 12/26: Mississippi @ Pensacola

Former Lightning prospect and Detroit Viper Konstantin Kalmikov scored twice for the Ice Pilots as Pensacola handed Mississippi another road loss by a score of 5-2. After a hot start upon returning from his pre-season injury, Stan Lascek is slumping offensively.

Mississippi 2 @ Pensacola 5
F Stan Lascek: 0-0-0; Even; 0 PIM; 2 SOG
F Brandon Elliott: DNP
F Marek Kvapil: DNP

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Watch the next game and you will understand his slump (10 min by game and never on PP)!!!!!!

Has there been any reason

Has there been any reason for it given? Theres a ton of useless baboons on that Mississippi team that look to be playing more than Stan...hafta wonder if the Bolts even look at there minor league teams more than before the season starts when guys that arent their property on THEIR minor league teams are getting more ice time.

And people wonder why we develop so few players in this organization as compared to teams like Detroit who let their guys play on the top lines and get work on special teams at the ECHL and AHL level. Instead our top lines in both consist of guys who are past their prime for the NHL or have a snowball's chance in hell of playing up here while our "prospects" rot away on third lines getting 10 minutes a game.

There is a difference between the Bolts and the Wings

I can understand some of the frustration that you have vets in Norfolk playing the skilled positions and non contract players in MS doing the same. I am sure the Tampa brass would love to be in the position that they have young, under contract, hard playing and skilled prospects to fill those positions like Detroit does.

But the truth to be told, there are not near enough under contract prospects as mentioned above to fill those spots. Much has been said and written about the group of Lascek, Smolenak, Hrdel and Kvapil. But none of them seem to have developed and all around game plus the work ethic to get their collective noses dirty along the boards or in the corners. Coach Stirling in Norfolk having worked with them last year did not see any improvement in those areas and sent them packing to MS.

We do not have a competitive team in Norfolk, and from what I've seen the same thing holds true in MS. If you took away the vets and free agents Norfolk has, we would have difficulty competing in the ECHL. As an ADs fan I am looking forward to seeing Fadden and Tyrell here next year and maybe Johan Harju could be enticed over here as well. A number of forwards were taken in this year's draft, but most of them are at least two to three years away from seeing AHL action. So the best the Bolts can do now is to move the ones from the juniors and overseas into the lineup next year, continue with the vets and free agents until they have stocked the shelf with in house players.

If they cannot sign Boyle to a deal by the trading deadline, and he's going to want big bucks and he deserves them, they could trade him maybe some 2nd or 3rd line help for the Bolts along with some decent prospects.

After years of neglect, the Bolts are not going to be able to build their prospect system up in house over night. For speedier improvement trades or key signings of prospects from other teams once their entry level deals are over is a way. Conventional wisdom would have the Bolts do it in house over the long term. But the quicker fix may become necessary.

This is the exact same

This is the exact same situation that Falcons STH's endured the last 3 seasons. The Falcons for the most part would not have been competitive in the E over that period of time. I sympathize with your STH's that have to watch the product the Lightning organization puts on the ice. In support check out the Falcons W-L record the last 3 seasons. It doesn't get any better believe me.

While I agree with a lot of

While I agree with a lot of what is said and what the fans of the minor league teams have to deal with, these players have been given no shot at the top lines and have been asked instead to play a game that is not theres. Lascek is a scorer and is being asked to play now on the third line as a grinder. Same with last season, as to my knowledge he did not receive more than 10-12 minutes in any game while with Springfield and was put on a third-fourth lines with the likes of Mitch Fritz and other guys that no one like Stan has business playing with.

Teams like Detroit and now the Kings with all of their young talent use them to their abilities. Purcell with Machester certainly isnt a physical force and yet he was as a rookie he was given ice time on a scoring line and has produced. He wasnt played out of place like our guys are.

I agree that maybe they havent shown to do anything as of yet possibly in the AHL, but is there ANY reason that Stan isnt on a scoring line in Mississippi if he is our property? Thats more of what I have a beef with with this organization. There is no working with the strengths and weaknesses of the players, much the same as happens at the NHL level with this organization. Fit into the system or go to the doghouse never to be heard from again. Its a big difference between successful organizations with strong minor league systems and the Bolts. I understand theyre just now re-stocking at the forward position as well so it'll take time, but I still feel to this point that this organization doesnt handle young players well.

And yes, cue the list of guys that made it to remind me, sometimes I need it :)


Just to complete....the first game Bret Angel played at Missisippi this season , he played (and score a goal) with Lascek!!!! I don't think that's a first line....Lascek isn't perfect but if an organisation believes on a player they must help him to progress. I don't think it's the best way TB manages this aspect of the game.

But i'm just a fan!!!!!

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