AHL Game Night 1/5: Sound Tigers at Admirals



Marc Denis only had to stop 18 of 19 shots to get his first win as an Admiral as Norfolk outshot Bridgeport 33-19 even without Kyle Wanvig.

First Period

Second Period
NOR Milley, (10) (Schneider, Scalzo), 14:09 (PP)

Third Period
BRI Tambellini, (21) (Nielsen, Bentivoglio), 5:25
NOR Kearns, (1) (Klinkhammer, Smaby), 12:10

Bracken Kearns and Norm Milley were the first and second stars of the game respectively.

The resurgent Adam Henrich missed tonight's game with an upper body injury. Incidentally, on the injury front, word on the street is defenseman turned left winger turned Gary Roberts Lite Mike Egener is apparently close to returning from a shoulder injury that has kept him out for the past couple of months.

Box score from TheAHL.com.

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Blair had himself another

Blair had himself another fight tonight as well as 8 shots on goal. I'd love to see the fight somewhere...dang not watching the B2 tonight :)

There were rumors from some

There were rumors from some of the Springfield fans that Torts had some very pointed words about Jones last season when the injuries forced the Lightning to have him up for 20 games. I don't claim any inside knowledge beyond that, but it seems to me Torts' opinion of the kid may be colored by the way he played as a 19-20 year old rookie and that's why he couldn't get more than 40-some seconds in his cup of coffee a couple of weeks ago. Whenever Blair finally gets recalled I hope coach will put his preconceptions aside and give the young man more of a shot though because he really has improved this season.

They Went The Distance

Thanks for finding that, I

Thanks for finding that, I hadnt yet gone to Youtube to look for it :) Quite the fight though looks like Blair may have taken a few more than he gave once he was tied up

It may be just the way I see

It may be just the way I see things...but it appears Torts time after time makes up his mind about a player and once he has its either lights out for that guy in the Bolts sweater or its that they get playing time no matter what they do. I can only imagine what pictures Karlsson has of Torts to continue to be ineffective though his time too has decreased of recent on the ice.

Blair only recently turned 21 and is only a second year pro. For him to even play 20 games in his first professional year period of hockey was crazy as a pick in the 100's. I've seen the same thing you have, that Blair has grown on and off the ice by leaps and bounds as I'd venture to guess it took him the year to see what work ethic is required to make it. Unfortunately if it is true that Torts already has him on the "list" then I feel bad for him as he's starting to prove himself offensively, defensively, with grit in the corners and by being willing to throw if necessary as evidenced by his two fights this season. He doesnt take the stupid penalty Gratton does and he has a shot that actually would register on a gun if clocked unlike Karlsson. Here's to hoping maybe he gets 5-10 minutes the next time they do call him up as I dont see him as hurting the team whatsoever y giving him that time as he has developed by leaps and bounds.

A Gritty, Gutsy Performance

I thought the ADs played well both nights. They really stepped up the physical part of the game by really checking people. Also everyone was playing defense, especially Saturday night, where they limited the BST to 19 shots on goal. Also they seemed to have learned a lesson. Last game against Philly, Wanvig was checked into the boards after a play causing a mild concussion, a cheap shot. No one stepped up to challenge that. Friday night, Brennan laid a cheap check from behind on Henrich, injuring him. Three ADs jumped on Brennan for that. And Saturday night Brennan boarded Blair Jones and Jancevski dropped the gloves with him right away. Didn't win the fight but sent the message that cheap shots will not go unnoticed.

Friday, I don't think they knew how to play with a lead and seemed to get a little deflated after BST scored their second goal, but they still played hard. Saturday, when BST scored, Stirling made a smart move and called a timeout. They came out of that timeout and played really hard and won the game on a beautiful pass from Klinkhammer to Kerns. But Saturday night despite Wanvig being in Ottawa and Henrich out, they pulled together.

A real blue collar effort by the guys both nights. We are not blessed with outstanding talent. But when everyone works hard, like we did last weekend we can at least be competitive and win some games. The improved level of play has been appreciated by the fans. We can live with the team irregardless of the won-lost record if they put out the kind of effort shown this weekend. Hopefully this level of play can be maintained at Hershey on Wednesday night and at home this weekend with a set against Hartford.

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