N.A. Juniors Game Night: 1/11

Lightning prospect results from the BCHL, USHL, and CHL. Two players earned first star honors and another was named the unquestioned centerpiece of a team that gave up 11 to Torrie Jung's Kelowna Rockets Friday night.

Nanaimo Clippers 1 @ Victoria Grizzlies 3
W Justin Courtnall, VIC: 0-1-1, 0 PIM

Chicago Steel 4 @ Tri-City Storm 5 (SO)
W/C Luca Cunti, CHI: 0-0-0, E, 2 PIM (holding), 2 shots on goal

Cunti failed to score as the fourth Chicago shooter to give Tri-City a 2-0 shootout win (5 shooters in USHL). This was Chicago's first loss since Cunti joined the club (5-0-0-1).

Lewiston MAINEiacs 1 @ Quebec Remparts 2
D Michael Ward, LEW: 0-0-0, E, 2 PIM, 2 shots on goal

Edmonton Oil Kings 0 @ Lethbridge Hurricanes 3
C Mitch Fadden, LET: 0-1-1, +2, 0 PIM, *First Star*

Kelowna Rockets 11 @ Prince George Cougars 1
G Torrie Jung, KEL: Win, Stopped 18 of 19 shots
C/W Dana Tyrell, PG: 0-0-0, -3, 2 PIM (slashing)

The Cougars were major sellers at the deadline and now have 18 players 18 years of age or younger on their roster. Tyrell, who is 18, is now being called the unquestioned centerpiece of the team because of his leadership and work ethic (PG Citizen). Tyrell will be 19 in late April, so unless I’m mistaken, he’ll return to a young Prince George team next season unless he is signed to play in Tampa – which is unlikely to happen. It's also hard to imagine why PG would keep him at the deadline if they didn't expect him back next year. This will be an ugly run to the end of the season for Prince George.

Seattle Thunderbirds 3 @ Everett Silvertips 1
G Riku Helenius, SEA: Win, Stopped 33 of 34 shots, *First Star*
D Dane Crowley, EVT: 0-0-0, -1, 6 PIM (roughing, interference, cross-checking)

Helenius was stellar in his return to the Seattle lineup after a mediocre showing at the World Junior Championships in the Czech Republic.

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The rule is that if you have

The rule is that if you have played 4 seasons of junior you are elligible for the AHL even if you're still under 20. If the 1 game he played in 04-05 counts as having played in that season, then I believe they can sign him next season and send him to Norfolk.


"Note also that a junior-aged player with an NHL contract cannot be sent to a minor pro league like the AHL unless he has already played four seasons of junior hockey. He must either stay on the NHL roster or return to junior."

I've been operating under the assumption that he can indeed be signed and play in Norfolk next season.

Me too, however...

Me too, as you know, however... from the talk in the PG paper, they're expecting him back. They don't even mention the thought that he may not be back. I'll try to get confirmation from them.

Their GM should be taken behind the woodshed for not dealing him off with Wishart and the like at the deadline if he's not coming back.

I went and looked up the

I went and looked up the rule after the Lightning had him into Admirals camp because they usually only do that if a player is about to be signed and placed the following year.

Do you really want him in Prince George next season? It's not an ideal place to develop right now.

Heck no

Absolutely not... which is why I'm hoping you're right here.

Re: Tyrell

I Emailed you what I received, but for those tracking this discussion, Tyrell is expected back in PG next year, wearing the Captain's C (He's an A now). I was told years doesn't matter (perhaps Fitzpatrick in the link you provided was mistaken?), just age, and you have to be 20 to play in the AHL.

I'd question this some more, if not for the fact PG has put their eggs in the Tyrell basket for next year with their moves here.

I wonder if we'll see Tyrell on an extended tryout with TB next year into the regular season (unless they seriously upgrade the depth at W).

Four full seasons

After a player plays four seasons in juniors they can play in the ahl even if they are not 20 yet... Michael Blunden is a prime example, He played in norfolk at 19 after completing four seasons in the ohl. But I doubt Tyrell's first "season" where he played only a few games counts toward a full season. That may be why PG projects him to be back next year.

That's my understanding of

That's my understanding of the rule too, I just don't know what the threshold is for a season.

I don't think we really want Tyrell to be the centerpiece of a bad, young rebuilding Prince George team next year. It's hard being the best player on a bad team because eventually, unless you have uncanny character, the effort level goes down and you start cutting corners if you know going into a game you don't have much of a chance of winning.

I'd much rather have him in Norfolk next season along with Fadden helping to bring the Ads offense some game breaking speed.

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