Koshechkin Solidifies Starting Role?

Seems that [url=http://www.russianprospects.com/public/index.php?id=2392]Russianprospects.com also believes that Vasily Koshechkin may finally have won the starting job in Togliatti.[/url] Koshechkin has made the last two starts for Lada after David Svoboda struggled throughout the opening month of the season. Head coach Pavel Vorobiev doesn't necessarily like younger players (hence the numerous healthy scratches of Dimitry Kazionov of late) and he actually tried to replace Koshechkin as the team's backup over the offseason, but with the pullout of a large chunk of Togliatti's financial backing and a pledge to cut the team's budget by 50% at the November transfer period, it looks unlikely that the team will acquire a veteran foreign born goalie as they have done in the past. Indeed, if the inexpensive Koshechkin can prove himself a servicable Superleaguer the job may very well be his to keep.