Artyukhin is Back

Damian Crisdotero of the St. Pete Times is reporting that Bolt Prospects alumnus Evgeny Artyukhin has agreed in principle to a two-year deal with the Tampa Bay Lightning. Terms of the deal are unknown at this time. Artyukhin will sign the contract on July 1st once he is legally eligible to sign under the rules of the CBA. The hulking forward spent the past two seasons with Yaroslavl, Omsk, and CSKA of the Russian Superleague. He last played in North America in 2005-2006 when he appeared in 72 games for the Lightning and potted 4 goals to go along with 17 points and 90 penalty minutes.

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waste of money

I really think this is a waste of money. We have plenty of 3rd/4th line forwards and do not need another one. I know he is a big guy etc. but he really needs to play a couple of seasons in Norfolk and improve his game then come up to the Bolts.

Special Player

He is a special blend of size and speed. I don't have a problem with it. He's a rare athletic specemin like a Chara or a Mihalik who can do things no other player can do. He has a ton to learn, and he and Gandler pissed away two critical years of development, but he's still capable of becoming a game changer and a guy who can really be a weapon in a seven game playoff series.

Artyukhin's return

He is big and can skate but is he smart enough to learn how to be a menace in front of the other teams net? I believe we need someone to raise havoc in front so that Vinnie and Marty will be more effective. Get Andreychuk to tutor him and maybe he can become another Holmstrom for Detroit. However, for some unknown reason I doubt he is coachable enough. In the past he seemed like a head case. Please tell me I am wrong, I want it all to work out so we win the cup next year. WORST TO FIRST!!!!

Maybe ...

I'm hoping that maybe the past two years dredging around in the Superleague have been a humbling experience for him. Before going back to his old ways, Alexeev almost looked like he had learned the same lesson. Hopefully it's different with R2, and there are no relapses.

But I think a lot of it depends on who is coaching this team next year.

Good Move

This is the type of player the Bolts need more of, big power forwards that are not afraid to go into the corners and will intimidate opponents but also have a scoring ability. There are very few forwards on this team like this and when Roy and Gratton leave via free agency they will be cut dry. This is this team's George Laraque. Steve Stamkos will need a policeman to work with him to give him room. Looking forward to having Arty back. By the way, this team needs players with interesting nicknames, Marty and Arty and Vinnie and Danny are boring.

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