Lightning Acquire Carle and Wishart

Erik Erlendsson of the Tampa Tribune is confirming that the Tampa Bay Lightning and the San Jose Sharks are officially completing the much discussed trade of star defensemen Dan Boyle. The deal sends Boyle along with Tampa defenseman Brad Lukowich to San Jose in exchange for defenseman Matt Carle, top defensive prospect and former first rounder Ty Wishart, a 2009 1st round pick, and a 2010 4th round pick.

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This sucks for Dan Boyle FANS!
Maybe this will work out for the Bolts but it will take a few years for these young defenseman to get good enough for the team and be a play off team. Dan is a GREAT guy and GREAT player. The Lightning did not handle this situation very well. I am still in shock and sick to my stomach to think I have seen Dan play his last game as a LIGHTNING player.
Dan, You have a lot of loyal fans in Tampa and you will be MISSED more than you know. GOOD LUCK and the VERY BEST to you in San JOSE!!!
I am very torn about the owners now and never thought I would see a game the next 6 years without DANNY.

DAN THANKS or all you did as a player and a special person while you were here.


Here I was thinking that the

Here I was thinking that the Lightning were set to contend for one of the last playoff spots when the ownership pulls this off. Don't get me wrong, Carle, Wishart, and the 1st pick is a decent return but there is no reason why this trade was ever pulled off. Dan signed to stay in Tampa, as far as I am concerned these owners pulled off their worst move and their decision will spit in their face as soon as the season starts. I feel bad about the way Dan got treated and I too wish him the best in San Jose. The Lightning organization has just taken a gigantic leap backwards from the playoffs. Paul Ranger has undeniable potential but without Boyle to help him it may be lost. This is a dark day for the Lightnings fans.


This is hardly the worst thing to happen to the Lightning in the last 4-5 years.

I like Boyle. I loved his game against the Rags where he lit it up for the trick. I'll remember him being a nice guy, and one who honestly loved the city and his team. Much respect for that.

BUT, hockey still remains a business. There are those who are in charge and those who are not. Fans get attached to players all the time, but players are there only as long the ownership wants them there, bottom line. They run the team, it's their money, it's their BUSINESS. I would love to see this kind of outcry from people for a guy who's worked with a company for 40 years and gets canned a year before he retires, but I wouldn't bet on it.

This deal improves the Lightning in some ways right away by getting in what I believe will eventually be a swap between Carle and Boyle, Wishart for the future, along with 2 extra picks going into the draft or the deadline.

Before the Boyle deal came up, Lightning nation was so excited about what was going on with the team, and now they ship off Dan Boyle and we are taking huge steps backwards from the playoffs? I'm just not buying that.

Say what you will about how it was handled (for the record, I have a big issue with someone being threatened to be put on waivers and have zero control over where he goes if he won't waive his NTC) but at the same time, I gotta say that these owners have a very specific idea of what they want and who they want and they're doing whatever they need to do to get it. I'm ok with that at the end of the day, as long as their dangerous tactics don't cost them in the future with guys looking to sign deals as UFAs and resigning our current players.

I think (hope?) when all is said and done and the season is starting that even though we won't all agree on the way it was done and what moves and signings were made, that this team will be dramatically better than the team that was on the ice last year.


Boyle was our best defenceman in the history of the organization. Sure, this move will probably be beneficial in the long run, but without our top D-man, there is no one there to help guide the young D-men into the NHL level. Is next year's draft as deep as this year's one was?

Forget the trade. What is the Integrity?

Integrity is #1 when dealing with Players, Fans and the general public. It is not the fact that they traded Danny. It is the how of the transaction and direct lying to fans and the media. I'm sure a lot of fans where lining up last week to order the tickets for next year. Now, hmmm, is this just one of many steps to move the hollywood boy's out to Vegas? Posted at other locations was that the buyout included the fact that the Detroit Group was responsible for the lease with local government. I for one have no reason to believe any of there postings, words, or promises. It is from an empty suit. Does Vinny reconsider his contract? I've no doubt that he has talked with Boyle and puts together the fact that this group can't be trusted. The word is ultimate in business. What about other players coming in? Do they buy into the slick hollywood presentation? Lot's of questions from a bombastic 4th of July.

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