Togliatti Defeats Nizhnekamsk in Overtime

Goaltender Vasily Koshechkin improved his record to 13-4-2 for the season today by defeating Nizhnekamsk 3-2 in overtime. Lada's improbable success since the Karjala break salary dump of 3/4 of their payroll has been largely thanks to the Lightning draft pick's goaltending heroics and he has now guided his club into 5th on the Superleague table. Lada's youth hasn't come completely free of cost for Koshechkin though, as he has slipped into a tie with Travis Scott for the league lead in shutouts and his once commanding leads in GAA and save percentage have slowly slipped away. For Koshechkin though, who explicitly chose to stay in Togliatti out of loyalty to the organization, I doubt the loss of any potential personal award will mean much compared to the success of the franchise he elected to stick with despite potential hardships. The Russian Superleague will now go on hiatus until December 21st for the Rosno Cup.