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Site Gets Upgrade/Facelift

Lots of things happened Friday night...

The site's software got upgraded to the latest version, and look/feel got a facelift as well. More importantly, the site was moved to a new web host.

If you run into any problems, please comment here and I'll look into it. Feel free to any kind of feedback as well -- good or bad regarding the changes.


From his chrome dome and yellow cranial lid to his sparkling white RBK blockers to the day-glow green Koho in hand, this Finn stands out. Positionally sound. Masterful glove. Quick recovery. One young lady was overheard remarking he was just cute enough for her to wrap up and take home with her for the summer. Jonathan D'Aversa's crash just :32 seconds into his Ice Palace premiere brought audible gasps and quick relief as both bounced up and competed admirably thereafter. Kicked aside blueline slappers with ease. Flashed a poised left catcher and fed his opposite-side defensive help to clear. Even took one off the frontal lobe without distraction.

Site Update Done (Mostly...)

I've finished the bulk of the site upgrade process. You might still run across some things that I haven't fully re-configured or re-installed, but the most the day-to-day stuff is back. Most notable is that I haven't yet restored the image galleries. I'm still trying to decide what the final style and theme of the new site will be, so it may look different each time you visit over the next few days. Feel free to leave comments. :) I'll post more over the next few days. If you find some stuff not working, please leave a comment...

Site Update will be undergoing a much needed site upgrade tonight. Please bear with any strangeness....

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