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NHL Game Night: 2-9-19 Penguins at Lightning

Despite some anxious moments, Lightning win measuring stick game.


Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 4 goals on 32 shots for the victory. The stat line isn't exemplary, but several of Andrei's saves tonight were.

First Period
13:36 PIT Wilson (1), (Blueger, Cullen)
15:02 TB Gourde (14), (Point, Hedman)
15:59 TB Cernak (2), (Paquette, Coburn)

Second Period
7:42 TB Cirelli (10), (Killorn, McDonagh)(SH)
8:31 PIT McCann (10), (Rust)
15:04 PIT Rust (15), (Guentzel)

Third Period
4:54 TB Johnson (19), (Palat, Stamkos)
14:03 TB Miller (9), (Killorn, Cirelli)
15:22 PIT Pearson (9), (Crosby)

Tyler Johnson, J.T. Miller, and Erik Cernak were the game's three stars.

This was a physical game that the Lightning clearly had earmarked as a measuring stick heading through the second half toward the playoffs. It was far from a clean game for the Lightning from the standpoint of managing the puck and limiting scoring chances, but ultimately they got to win. And, the way they got it was by a lot of guys who haven't scored much in a while getting healthy: Gourde, Cirelli, Johnson, and Miller. That's how you end the offensive drought.

Adam Erne was +1 with 15 penalty minutes, 2 shots, and 3 hits in 9:32. You saw the role they envision for him come playoff time, and his next game will mark his graduation from prospect status on the site.

Cernak had a goal and was +3 with 3 shots, 1 hit, and 2 blocked shots in 21:31. I like the defenseman rotation. I don't like Cernak being in it, though. He needs to be a regular first choice by the coaching staff. They're a far better team when he's in.

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AHL Game Night: 2-9-19 Crunch at Wolf Pack

Crunch dominate to keep pace in the division.


Eddie Pasquale stopped all 21 shots he faced for the shutout victory.

First Period
11:01 SYR Stephens (3), (Barre-Boulet, Labrie)

Second Period
2:02 SYR Colton (8), (Thomas)
5:20 SYR Thomas (1), (unassisted)
10:13 SYR Raddysh (14), (Conacher, Gaunce)

Third Period
17:09 SYR Stephens (4), (unassisted)(EN)(SH)
18:20 SYR Masin (2), (Colton, Volkov)(EN)(SH)

Ben Thomas, Pasquale, and Ross Colton were the game's three stars. After a two month hiatus due to injuries, Mitchell Stephens also returned to the fold with a splashy two goal effort.

Syracuse still lurks two points back of Rochester for the division lead with two games in hand.

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NHL Game Night: 2-7-19 Blues at Lightning

Remember when the Lightning used to score... goals, I think they were called?

TB-0 (OT)

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 1 goal on 39 shots for the OT loss. All he needed was a smidge of goal support. Just a dash.

First Period

Second Period

Third Period

4:01 STL Schenn (10), (Parayko, Tarasenko)

Vasilevskiy was the game's first star.

Every team, no matter how good or talented, runs into an offensive cold streak over the span of 82 games. The Lightning may have just hit theirs.

Adam Erne had 3 shots and 4 hits in 9:06.

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NHL Game Night: 2-5-19 Golden Knights at Lightning

Golden Knights outlast Lightning with late surge.

TB-2 (SO)

Andrei Vasilevskiy allowed 2 goals on 37 shots before allowing 1 of 3 to convert in the penalty shot session for the SO loss. It would've been a regulation loss, easily, were it not for Vasilevskiy's heroics.

First Period
6:36 TB Point (31), (Kucherov, Stamkos)(PP)

Second Period
14:19 TB Jospeh (13), (Stamkos, Coburn)
16:28 VGK Eakin (14), (Merrill)

Third Period
5:22 VGK Zykov (1), (Karlsson, Marchessault)


VGK- Tuch

Vasilevskiy, Steven Stamkos, and Brayden Point were the game's three stars. Might've been a touch of home cooking in those selections.

The Lightning played about 40-50 minutes of really excellent hockey in a game in a measuring stick game before inexplicably crumbling at the finish line. They built the 2-0 lead and just had the one hiccup surrendering the breakaway goal to Eakin that allowed Vegas back into the game. But the last 10 minutes of the Third Period were rough and then the Overtime was perhaps the worst looking Overtime that the Lightning have played in a really long time. Vasilevskiy at least allowed them to thieve a point, but it was painful to watch. They did a lot of good things in this game: they were pretty physical, they were opportunistic, and they were stingy giving up chances most of the game. But, it was all for naught.

Coburn and Sergachev may want to burn the tape of this game.

Adam Erne had 2 shots and 2 hits in 9:42.

Erik Cernak was +1 with 1 shot, 6 hits, and 1 blocked shot in 20:22.

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