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Training Camp Numbers: Podcast Episode 2

The podcast is back for a second episode, this time with a name.

Longtime listeners to the old Bolt Prospects Podcast will know my disdain for training camp numbers on NHL players. Steven Stamkos recently had some choice words for them on the Spittin' Chiclets podcast when talking about Nikita Kucherov wearing No. 56 for his first NHL game. Kucherov has come a long way since wearing Hardy Nickerson's 56.

Training Camp Numbers will look at Lightning prospects (who get the numbers), Lightning talking points, and the NHL news of the week. And yes, our logo has victory stripes.

This week:

    What trade deadline?
    Week in review
    Prospect update
    Offseason look-ahead
    Next year's blueline
    Will JBB's drafts be different?
    Your questions

Thanks to Andrew Weiss for leading and hosting the show. Enjoy the Lightning talk on iTunes, Spotify, and seven other platforms.

Click here to listen.

Weiss Hockey: 1-30-19

Editor's Note: We are happy to introduce one of our new writers, Andrew Weiss. A noted #LightningTwitter personality, @Weiss_NW has informed and entertaining opinions, a strong understanding of the Lightning organizational picture, and can throw puns with the best of 'em. Enjoy.

This newsletter is now featured on BoltProspects.com, and if you're reading this from your email, make sure to check them out for their great work covering Lightning prospects, AHL games and other Tampa hockey news. If you're reading this online, subscribe to this newsletter FOR FREE by clicking this magical blue link.

Quick Hits – What happened in hockey this week

- New podcast this week was VERY Peter Chiarelli heavy. Since, you know, he got fired.

- Yes, the big news this week before the All Star break was that Oilers GM Peter Chiarelli was fired. Not sure why? Might be trading future MVP Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson, who is meh. Or giving up the draft pick that ended up as Mat Barzal for... Griffin Reinhart? Or... actually, I don't have enough time to make a full list. That's not a good thing for Chiarelli, and it's absolutely not a good thing for Oilers fans.

2018-2019 Preliminary Rankings


The 2018-2019 regular season is well underway, and thus the time for the 2018-2019 Bolt Prospects Preliminary Rankings is upon us. This year's training camp and preseason again showed the depth of the Lightning's prospect pool, with several young players having strong showings and a handful of new additions to the big club's roster. All in all, though the Lightning lack the top-end elite prospects they may have once had, the team still has an enviable amount of depth and a score of prospects who look poised to become future NHL'ers.

Draft Day Two Preview

The Lightning enter the 2018 NHL Draft with seven picks, but without a first round pick due to the trade deadline deal with the Rangers for Ryan McDonagh and J.T. Miller. Predicting who the Bolts will pick with each of their Round 2 through 7 picks, and the Kings 7th rounder is an impossible task. But, we can throw out some players we think the Bolts might view as possibilities. As always, the Lightning draft team will say they are drafting best player available, but we will be looking at organization needs in the prospect system for much of the context of this preview.

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